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Patented Ultrabreathe

Athletes, Sportspeople, Singers and Musicians

The patented Ultrabreathe is used by athletes, sportspeople, singers and musicians the world over to supercharge their inspiratory muscles.
"I tried it and it worked! Exercising with the Ultrabreathe morning and evening sigma essay has improved my breathing stamina immensely. I compared it with my hypoxia training, training with less oxygen, which I did in the sixties when I was a top athlete, but I honestly prefer this to all those is effective and delivers what it promises" Henk Verschuur, Editor, Martial Arts News Magazine
Using the principle of resistance training there are two key ways the Ultrabreathe can help give you the edge:
Warm up: Supplement your usual routine prior to full body workout or competition - traditional techniques tend to ignore the breathing muscles.
Performance: Follow our training regime for just 5 minutes per day to boost pulmonary capacity and endurance. Increase the resistance as lung function improves - and take advantage of the patented adjustable valve system which lets you select the moment resistance is experienced on inhalation.

Cancer Climber Association

I think the Ultrabreathe played a great impact on me making the summit of Kilimanjaro again. Can't thank you enough. I'm back home safe and sound and using it every day.
Sean Swarner, The Cancer Climber Association (
Did you know that recent research indicates a connection between trained respiratory muscles and reduced lactate levels? Boutellier et al found that:
- respiratory training significantly increased the endurance time of respiratory muscles - respiratory trained subjects had lost the sensation of breathlessness - blood lactate concentrations were reduced during post training exercise
In conclusion they speculate * 'that the reduction in blood lactate concentration was most likely caused by an improved lactate uptake by the trained respiratory muscles.' * (1998, Med Sci Sports Exerc 1998, Eur Jour Appl Physiol 1999)

Steven Mead

World Famous Euphonium Player

"I've been using the Ultrabreathe for over two years now and have noticed a large improvement in the quantity and quality of air I'm able to use. To date I have never met anyone who used it and did not feel an almost immediate benefit research paper outline format apa from it" Steven Mead, world famous euphonium player Further details regarding clinical research into IMT (inspiratory muscle training) can be found by clicking here.
"This device you make is brilliant for the heart and lungs. After just a weeks use my recovery rate has improved by 50%" RFN Treliving, BFPO